Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sad Blog Anniversary and Reposting some Recipes

‘Time and tide waits for no man’, how true, there were many dishes that my mum cooked and I kept thinking --- I  will take down the recipe from ma later --- and now there is no later.

It was in the first week of August 2010 that I launched this blog, I was planning a grand celebration for its first anniversary but that was not to be so I think it is only right that as a tribute to mum I participate in Khushi’s ( of A Girl’s Diary) anniversary  event ‘What’s On Your Kebab Platter’. 

Since I am required to repost the recipes I am reposting the following four recipes.

Chicken Tikka          

Fish Kabab                    


  1. may ur moter' soul have peace in heaven and ur way to tribute is very nice posting wonderful recipes

  2. Es tut mir wirklich Leid um Deine Mutter, möge ihre Seele im Himmel Ruhe und Vergebung finden.
    So ist das Leben, Menschen kommen auf die Welt, andere gehen von ihr... der ewige Kreislauf des Lebens.

  3. Liebe Shilpi, es freut mich dich wieder Blogging zu sehen. Danke für deine Kommentar. Das war nur 'schmackhaft'. Wie gesagt, mach dir keine Sorge. Ich verstehe deine Wörter immer. Ok?

    Ich habe auch noch eine Überraschung für dich. Ich habe dich getagged. Check it out @

    Viel Spaß :)

  4. That IS a sad anniversary, indeed... we readers too will miss your mum. Thank you for reposting those recipes (I still haven't got around to making those fish shami kababs, but I will!)

  5. So sorry for your loss Shilpa - I have lost my mom too and my blog was a tribute to her - She will live in your heart forever and will keep inspiring you - a virtual hug to you! priya

  6. Tomar Maar kotha bhebe mon ta bhari hoye gache. Tomar aager likha pore bhablam je tomake kothata janai.
    Thanks for reposting your earlier recipes.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Hi Shilpi, Came across your blog searching for potoler dorma.. and am delighted to find your blog...really sad to hear about your mom... but am glad u showed her when she was still around how much u appreciated her ranna by putting up this blog...take care.... Shilpi (am shilpi too)