Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Foodie Jaunts


It is time for a Foodie Jaunt and the restaurant under review is Jughead’s – one of my brother Aroop Bose’s favourite restaurants. To be honest it is fast turning into my favourite restaurant too, for I have found my comfort zone. Before I hand you over to my brother for the detailed review I would like to put in a few words about this lovely place; what does one look for in a restaurant? Good food, reasonable price, service and ambience. Well the food is excellent, service is great, price is fairly reasonable but as far as I am concerned what I like best about this place  is the fact that I feel absolutely comfortable here. Going by the name and the décor the restaurant is obviously targeted at the younger generation and sure you will find loads of college students and young executives with  their back packs and laptops  but I also find families, middle aged people and senior citizens comfortably digging into their food, which came to me as a pleasant surprise for I have noticed  that senor citizens generally feel particularly uncomfortable at eating joints where youngsters hang out and unfortunately often miss out on the good food, not so at Jughead’s -- now it is over to my brother Aroop Bose.

A Great Eating Place
Aroop Bose

When you hear the name Jughead you are reminded of the rather cool and carefree character in Archie comics who loves to eat. The Jughead’s I am referring to is a
chain of restaurants in Bombay, of their six outlets we have visited their outlet located near Khar (West) railway station and we loved the food and the place. In fact we loved it so much that we had lunch there at least about half a dozen times. The name Jughead’s is quite apt because like Jughead of Archie comics Jughead’s is quite a cool and informal eating place serving good food, at least that is the impression we got from their Khar outlet; we have not visited the other outlets. Perhaps because of the informal feel of the place the owners chose to call it “THE UNRESTAURANT”.
Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak Sizzler
Jughead’s serves Continental cuisine, mainly the Italian and Spanish variety; they also have Thai and Indian items on their menu, as well as sandwiches and burgers, soups and sizzlers. There is one item we loved the most and that is the Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak Sizzler. This item comprises two flat layers of somewhat fluffy cottage cheese or paneer, with a filling of mushrooms, chilli flakes and few other spices; it is grilled before it is served on the sizzler plate. The other items on the sizzler plate were a rice preparation, stuffed capsicum, corn in a creamy sauce and the usual vegetables like beans, peas, carrot, cauliflower and French fries; these side items seem to be common with all other varieties of sizzlers they serve here. Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak Sizzler is served with mildly flavoured mushroom sauce. One striking feature is that the sizzler plate is really really hot, and remains hot enough till you finish your meal. We loved the taste of Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak Sizzler and have repeated it about four times.  
Roman Fritters

Pepper Blast

The other items we have so far eaten at Jughead’s are Vegetable Tacos, Roman Fritters – I would describe these as vegetable pakoras Roman style, Jerk Chicken Strips, Pepper Blast (Chicken balls tossed in freshly ground pepper), Chicken Paella served with Peri Peri sauce – a meal in itself that can be shared by two persons, Mexican Grilled Chicken Sizzler – just as in Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak sizzler this has two flat pieces of chicken with a filling inside, spring onion soup, tiramisu and caramel custard for dessert and iced tea. The prices are quite reasonable; the Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak sizzler costs Rs. 225, Vegetable Tacos: Rs. 120, Roman Fritters: Rs. 135, Jerk Chicken Strips and Pepper Blast: Rs. 145 each, Mexican
Chicken Paella
Grilled Chicken Sizzler Rs. 260 and Chicken Paella: Rs. 220; the taxes work out to approximately 15 to 16 percent.
Jerk Chicken Strips

In short at Jughead’s (Khar) the food is tasty and innovative, atmosphere is informal and the staff is friendly; I am sure the same must be the case in their other outlets. For good food, good service, reasonable prices and relaxed dining we would highly recommend Jughead's. As for us, we will definitely visit Jughead’s again and again to try out the other stuff and also repeat what we ate earlier. 
Spring Onion Soup


  1. Aroop and Shilpi, this is so well described that I feel like scooting over to Bombay, finding an outlet of Jughead and digging in to all the goodies depicted here.


    1. Thanks. If you ever come to Bombay you could try it out.

  2. Yum. That sounds really nice - and those prices! Unbelievable for a metro city and for those sort of dishes. Now I know where I want to go and eat the next time I'm in Bombay. :-)

  3. Yes Madhu unbelievable is the word,I hope the quality remains the same in the years to come and yes you, Ava and I can have a great time together at Jughead's.

  4. That is so sweet of you, Shilpi.

    1. Thanks Ava, wouldn't it be fun if all the bloggers and those who comment could have a grand meeting?

    2. Absolutely, Shilpi! It would be wonderful to meet all of you. Till now, the only people I've met are Greta and Bawa.

  5. Dear Shilpi, I waited for three days for your mail since I had picked you the winner of only mangoes , since I did not receive a one I will have to pick a new winner now. keep participating :)

  6. Hi Shilpi, i am your new follower.. you have a lovely space here..
    Do stop by mine sometime..


  7. I just pray that they maintain the quality as the price factor is alluring...nice post

  8. O God, my mouth watered as I read through it and it is 01.00 am and I'm getting hungry. Shilpi it is your fault if I get up and have to make a midnight snack for myself!
    I just shouldn't miss this next time I'm in Bombay. I hope it will be this Dec.
    Thanks for the recommendation Shilpi and Aroop!

  9. Harvey this place is really good, hope you like it, we both love the stuffed cottage cheese sizzler and as it is stuffed with spinach Dec is the right time to have it for then spinach is in season.