Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reposting Aamer Ombol (Mango Chutney Bengali Style) - With Video

Summer is here and it is time for some sweet and sour chutney and what could be better than a raw mango sweet and slightly sour chutney. Way back in the year 2012 I had posted the recipe of Aamer Ombol, which is the Bengali style mango chutney. This summer I am reposting it with a video demonstration.


In case you face any difficulty in vieing the embedded video above then please click on this link

For detailed recipe click here


  1. Shilpi, do you have any idea if I could possibly make this with frozen raw mango? I had bought some raw mango last summer to make curd rice, and had some leftover, which I froze. The problem is that if I thaw it and use it in curd rice, it doesn't work - because it's lost the crispness and crunch which makes it so good in curd rice. But I think it should work in something that requires the mango to be cooked... any idea?

  2. Sorry Madhu, I cannot guide you. I have no experience in this matter, I would suggest you buy fresh raw mangoes because I have no clue about handling frozen raw mangoes, for that matter I have no experience in cooking any frozen vegetable. So I guess I am not the right person to guide you.