Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Two Awards

Who does not like an award,even it is a virtual one so thanks to
Reshmi Mahesh I feel quite motivated by these two awards.

 I have to abide by some rules. The rules for the One Lovely Blog award are:
  1. Accept the award. Post it in your blog with the name of the blogger who has given u this award with a link to his/her blog.
  2. Pass it on to 15 other blogger friends.... to keep the ball rolling.
  3. Let the nominated blogger know about their award [leave a comment in their most recent post]. 

The rules for Stylish Blogger award are:
  1. Share 7 Things About Yourself.
  2. Award 15 Recently Discovered Great Blogger.
  3. Contact The Blogger and Inform Them of The Award.
  4. Thank the award-giver in your post.

Abiding by the rules the following are my nominees for both the awards. While selecting my nominees I found that they have already won several awards so I thought I will draw attention some of their posts which have impressed me. I am amazed at the amount of effort that each blogger takes, if I had the means I would have loved to institute a real award a sort of Food Blogger’s Oscar, which the winner could feel and place in her/his home.

My nominees:
  1. Tanvi-- Though most of her recipes are really wonderful I love her chicken recipes, and they are very stylishly photographed.
  2. Priti ------ I like the way she has designed her blog and what drew my attention  was the Your Trial  she invites readers to try her recipes and mail it to her. Section where
  3. Sutapa ------ I am sure she has won several awards but I have yet to see an award for an interesting post these awards are for her wonderful post  on Tomato and Poppy Seeds.
  4. Sayantani------- When I first visited Sayantani’s blog I was completely bowled over by the attention to detail that I found there. If you are curious about Bengali culture this is where you should head. Most of her posts are fantastic but three of them caught my eye, Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Aamader Haat, about the weekly market and Naksha Bori.
  5. Ushnish. I know he has won several awards but I have to acknowledge the fact that his blog is very informative. It is wonderful mix of videos, and recipes. I always wondered how Bengalis managed in West, thanks to this post from Ushnish I learnt that sweet water fish is imported into places like Kuwait from Bangladesh,Thailand and so on. His travelogue on the Sunderbans was like actually experiencing Sunderbans.
  6. Jay’s Tasty Appetite---I love the photographs the post that attracted my attention was Badam Ka Halwa, excellent photographs.
  7. Here I would also like to mention Reva’s blog. Her food photography is well very professional so she definitely deserves the Stylish Blog award.
  8. Pushpa--- for her variety of vegetarian soups, here are some of them, Fennel Soup with Veggies,Tofu Soup with Seaweed, Minestrone Soup.
  9. Preeoccupied----- I love Pree’s posts on Durga, Banana Bride, Durga Pujar Bhuri Bhoji,  and her beautiful Pottery.
  10. Aipi ---- has already won several awards and I am probably stating the obvious, I love the design of her blog. I like the way she has designed the letters US  Masala with black pepper and a star anise In between and the backdrop of the masalas is quite eye catching.
  11. Padhu----- I did say I am selecting posts have which have drawn my attention and here in Padhuskitchen I found these delightful photographs, these photos would have been ideal for my posts on radish.
  12. Gayathri------ She has a variety of recipes but my favourite is Eggless Simple Vanilla Cake. What I like about it? The intricate mehendi design and the effort she has taken  in her post, her step- by-step photographs are indeed very helpful.
  13. EC of Simple Indian Food-----. What I like about her blog ,it is her Budding Blogger series and her weekly series Super Blogger Sunday. If you are newcomer and would like to get noticed then just send in your details and believe me you will be noticed.
  14. Nisa Homey----- for all her cakes, chocolates, cookies recipes.
  15. Kaveri Venkatesh . This blog keeps alive age old recipes.
Now I have to share 7 things about myself:
  1. Love to read.
  2. Love to write or to be more precise thanks to computers nowadays it is more of typing than writing.
  3. Love to eat.
  4. Enjoy traveling.
  5. Like to read travelogues.
  6. Love to read about food.
  7. Love to talk.


  1. I'm so glad you're back in the blogosphere (blogger working okay now, right?)! Oh, and I should have said this in your last post, but anyway, der aaye durust aaye: congratulations on your awards! And thank you for listing all these other food blogs - they sound wonderful. Will certainly check them out.

  2. @dustedoff: Thank you very much, yes blogger appears to be behaving now.

  3. Congrts on your awards and that's very nice of you to share with me ....thanks for the lovely words too ..:)

  4. Thanks for the mention.Thats very kind of you .I hope you try out some of the chicken dishes and like them.

  5. Hi dear..Congrats on the beautiful awards..very well deserved! Thank you for your appreciation of my work by passing it on to me..really appreciate it :)

    US Masala

  6. Hi Shilpi,
    Congratulation! Thanks for sharing! Awards and appreciation from friends motivate me to give my best, I hope there will be many many more award winning post!
    Wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!
    Love always

  7. Thank you so much Sharmi, Tanvi, Priti, Aipi,Sutapa.

  8. Hi, Congrats to u on recieving the award.It is so nice of u to share the award with me and for your kind words. It feels very nice to be remembered. I would be honoured to share this award with and the rest of my fellow bloggers ..... It is a real motivation to do more... thanks again Shilpi....

  9. Hi Shilpi,

    Congrats on your awards. Thanx for sharing. I feel on top of the world as this is my first award. Thanx for remembering me and my blog. Since this is my first time please do guide me as to how I should collect the award.

  10. First time here....

    Congrats on all ur well deserved awards.....

    U have a wonderful space, glad to follow u :)

    Check my space when u find time

  11. Congrats on your awards, Shilpi. Thanks a lot for sharing it with me..

  12. Congrats on your well deserved award and thanks a lot for sharing it with me .I am glad you liked my blog .

  13. Dear Shilpi
    Congratulations! And thank you so much for passing the award to me and your appreciation has sent me in to colorless blush. ( if you want to know what is colorless blush try this link
    As soon as I am back into blogging, I shall try to send to others. Actually I have always broken the chain of sending to others...Lazy I am.
    Bhalo theko

  14. Congratulations on your award.

    Thank you for thinking of me, Shilpi. Much appreciated.

  15. Hi Shilpi, congrats on ur awards dear...thank you for appreciating my efforts...really appreciate it...keep visiting.

  16. congrats on ur awards and just keep have a nice can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

  17. Hey Shilpi,
    Now you're winning awards too - that's great!
    Your blog seems to be getting more and more popular. Good for you!

    Btw, of your 7 points above, I found the 7th point particularly interesting. ;-)

  18. Congratulations on the award,wishing you many more..thanks for sharing,I will post it in my awards page..

  19. Thanks everybody for your kind comments.

  20. Thanks a lot for sharing the awards with me and the mention..have posted it on my cookbook review blog just now