Friday, April 12, 2013

Doi Maach - Reposting with Video.

 Approximately two and a half years back I had posted the recipe for one of the most popular dishes of the Bengalis, Doi Maach/Fish in Yoghurt or Curd sauce. Incidentally, while in the west the Indian dahi is referred to as yoghurt or yogurt, in India it is called curd. I read somewhere that it s called curd in India because just as curdled milk leaves behind whey, so also plain yoghurt in India has whey. After the curd sets and you spoon out a portion of it you will notice the whey.

Coming back to Doi Maach, the Doi Maach you see in my blog was made by my mother. For those of you who came in late, I started this blog so that I could have a record of all my mum’s dishes. Unfortunately just a few days short of my blog’s first anniversary my mother
suddenly passed away. However her recipe proved very useful for me. Although my mum always used to tell me that this dish is traditionally made with big fishes (I have in fact made a note of that in that post) but I did try it with smaller fishes about one and half kg and found that it tasted as good.

I am now posting a video of Doi Maach. Hope you enjoy it. This is how my mum made it and it is quite close to the traditional way of making the Doi Maach.

For detailed recipe click here

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