Friday, July 29, 2016

Tips & Trivia – How to make Garam Masala Powder at home

Garam Masala is an essential part of Indian cooking. There are different types of garam masala powders, I have found some of them quite strong and a bit overwhelming for my taste, therefore I always use homemade garam masala. Like all things in this blog, the recipe of the garam masala has my mother’s touch.

You can click on the video embedded below for the recipe. You will also find the detailed recipe below the video.

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I have not given the measurements, you can measure out the ingredients according to your taste.

  • Coriander and Cumin seeds:   When you measure out these two ingredients remember to take them in the ratio of 2:1 that is if you take two teaspoons of coriander seeds then take one teaspoon of cumin seed.
  •  Cinammon
  • Cloves
  • Green cardamom
  • Dry Kashmiri red chilli
  • Black pepper


You may have noticed that cloves have a kind of lump in the centre, remove this lump, my mum always advised me to do so. After my mum passed away a chef on a television programme gave the same advice. He said that once you remove this, the clove becomes more flavourful. There is a sort of burst of flavour.

I also deseeded the dry Kashmiri red chilli

Now dry roast all the ingredients till they turn brown.

Remove the pan from the heat and allow the ingredients to cool before grinding.


  1. I am so bone lazy, I never make masala at home if I can help it! (I suppose not having a sil-batta is also part of the problem; somehow, when it comes to grinding spices, I think nothing works as well as that).

    1. You are right, nothing can beat the good old sil-batta, however in this case the mixer works fine because it is a powder. The commercially available garam masalas really hit me in the stomach. I find them a bit overpowering therefore I prefer my home-made version.

  2. P.S. Forgot to mention this before, but thank you for that tip about removing that portion of the clove! I hadn't known that.