Thursday, January 28, 2021

Steamed Yoghurt - Bhapa Doi, A wonderful Alternative To Mishti Doi.

Bhapa Doi

It is a long time since my last post. In the meanwhile I did upload two recipes on my YouTube channel during the lock down. The lockdown did not help matters, my blog and the channel did take a backseat. Anyway, one thing that I did realize was that, lockdown or not, comfort food does uplift one’s spirit and Bhaapa Doi or steamed yoghurt is just such a dessert.

Bhaapa Doi is extremely simple to make and it serves as an ideal alternative to mishit doi (sweetened yoghurt).

My channel and blog is called It is Tasty Ma!, so no prizes for guessing that my Ma made it just the way I have demonstrated it in the video. Incidentally I never saw my mum make this, it invariably magically appeared on the table. She always prepared it whenever we were away at school or college. It so happened my mother was once explaining to a friend’s daughter how to make it and I listened to the instructions attentively and retained it in the deep recesses of my brain. After Ma’s demise, I dug into that memory and decided to give it a try and was quite thrilled to find that it turned out so good.

While making this dessert, keep the following points in mind:

1.    You just need three ingredients, yoghurt, condensed milk and a little milk

2.    The yoghurt and the condensed milk should be of equal quantity. The milk should be just be enough to cover the condensed milk and yoghurt mixture. 

Please watch the video below:


Note: If for some reason you are unable to watch this video, then please watch it on YouTube by clicking this link


  1. I tend to not watch videos of recipes (I prefer reading recipes), but this I will, as soon as I have the time! I love bhapa doi, but the only type I've ever made was a mango bhapa doi, which was baked. Thank you, Shilpi.

    1. You are welcome and thanks for unfailingly visiting my blog. I have noticed that some people prefer to read recipes rather than watch them. To be honest I was saving time by not writing down the recipe. This one is a simple dish, there is nothing much to it. All you have o do is just cook the mixture in a pressure cooker. Just check with a toothpick to see that that the toothpick comes out clean (as you would while baking a cake), that is it, it is ready to enjoy.