Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reposting Lau Kholar Chenchki (Bottle Gourd Peel Delight) -- With Video.

This blog started as a record of my mother’s cooking. In the first year of this blog, I posted my mum’s cooking which included this particular recipe. Incidentally this recipe was posted just a week before she passed away. To see the recipe click here.

After my mother passed away these recipes helped me a great deal. I thought it would be nice to post a video of this dish. If you decide to try out this dish take care to select a gourd that is absolutely blemish free. Cook it when bottle gourds are in season or you might end up with some bitter peels.

Here is the video demonstration:


  1. This time it looks a bit more yellow than in the previous post (I must admit I haven't got the time to watch the video - too much to do today, and too little time!). By the way, was reminded of you the other day because I made a very Bengali dish - kundru cooked with dried prawns. Turned out pretty nice, though I'm not sure it was too much of a hit with my husband. Even though he likes a lot of Bengali food, I don't think this was as much a hit with him as chingri malai curry or daab chingri is!

  2. It looks different because unlike mum I used Kashmiri chilli powder instead of green chillies. I avoid green chillies.
    As for the dried prawns that is something the East Bengalis enjoy, they enjoy dried fish. East Bengal as you know is now Bangladesh. I am a West Bengali. As both my parents trace their ancestry to West Bengal, we do not like dried fish. So I guess my sympathies are with your husband ... HA! HA!

    1. That's interesting! I hadn't known the dried fish was an East Bengali thing - my mother's family were from West Bengal, but they were very fond of dried fish. But then, in my sister's sasuraal (and they're from WB, too) they don't eat dried fish, so I can see...

    2. It is quite interesting isn't it? All over the world within the same community you will find differences depending on which region they come from. As for instance my mum used to say that there is one region in WB where people are extremely fond of poppy seed paste, we too love it but they are more fond of it.