Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Peas Kachori

Come winter you find fresh green peas in the markets in India.
Green peas kachori is a favourite Bengali snack, if you visit West Bengal during the winter, you will find almost every store which sells sweets and Bengali savories, selling green peas kachori along with a potato dish. You will find Bengalis as well as non-Bengalis relishing this delicious snack. 

Usually the green peas kachori is made by kneading a soft but firm dough with maida (white flour). Small balls are made from this dough. A stuffing is prepared with green peas and this is stuffed into the small balls of the maida dough, these are then rolled out into small puris and deep fried. The method which my mum follows is far easier and quicker and very, very tasty. This was also how my grandmother made it. In this method you do not stuff the green peas but mix it with the maida.

  • 500 grams green peas.
  • Half teaspoon ginger paste.
  • One teaspoon cumin seeds.
  • Green chillies according to taste.
  • Salt to taste.
  • 2 tablespoons pure ghee (clarified butter) or any refined oil (approximate).
  • Maida (white flour) --- you have to use your judgment.

  • Shell the green peas.
  • Grind the green peas, cumin seeds, and green chillies to a smooth paste (I prefer the mild green chillies, I mentioned them in my previous post).
  • Mix the ginger paste with the green peas paste.
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Now take enough maida so as to be able to knead a firm dough without adding water.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of pure ghee or oil to the maida, also add a pinch of salt to the maida. You can increase or decrease the quantity of ghee. It is this pure ghee or oil which makes the kachoris crisp.
  • Add the green peas paste to the maida and knead into a soft but firm dough.
  • This kneading can be a bit tricky for if you take too much maida you may find it difficult to knead into a firm dough and if you add water it spoils the kachori. Since my mother is an experienced cook she knows just how much maida she needs but I prefer not to take a risk, this is what I did when I once kneaded the dough; I took a small quantity of maida, added the ghee and salt. To this I added the green peas paste and as I began kneading, I went on adding small quantities of maida till I had a nice firm dough. However the kachoris you see here have been made by mum.
  • Once you have kneaded the dough make small balls and roll out into small puris.
  • Deep fry these puris.

You can have these kachoris just with some chutney or pickle or with any side dish of your choice. I like to have it with potatoes with black pepper.
    Potatoes with black pepper


    1. Delicious Koraishutir kochuri, in my house we don't knead the paste with maida instead we put it as stuffing but now I will try your way!

    2. Wow luks fab,Thanks for sharing...

    3. @alwayswinner786:Thanks it is quite easy to make.

    4. @Premalatha:Thanks for visiting my blog.

    5. We make koraishutir kochuri ekdum differently. We make th epaste with peas, aniseed and ginger and chilly. Then fry it a bit. Then in the maida dough balls we stuff the paste and make them into luchis and fry. They are yummy :)

    6. This is different from what we do. It looks awesome. Must try.

    7. This is a clever recipe.Often people are scared of filling popping out while frying..I really like the way u have shared the neat way of doing these yum kachoris.I make palak ones the same way.Will try with peas sometime.

    8. I had peas kachoris just last week at a Bengali wedding. :-) Delicious. And your recipe sounds so easy to make, I'm going to try them this weekend!

    9. @Sharmi: Your method is the traditional method, this method is my grandmother's short-cut but equally delicious method.

    10. @dustedoff:Yes do try it it is yum.

    11. what a clever way to incoporate the green peas and it looks lovely...will try this new method..

    12. super tasty kachoris...nice way to use green peas


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    13. Dear Shilpi
      Kemon Achho? Happy New Year !! ( It is for 2011 only, because too early for 2012)..I was travelling ( Santiniketan and Sundarban)...Cd not see your postings...
      I feel good that you have used recipe with the most traditional one, devoid of ginger garlic paste, onion paste, dhone pata bla bla bla
      Thank you so much for sharing.
      Bhalo theko

    14. Very delicious kachori! Must try your version next time, much easier way....

    15. Stuffing the kachoris is the most time consuming part and I think your way it will be quick and equally tasty.Loved your puffed up kachoris :)

      US Masala

    16. I can't wait for fresh green sugar snap peas to show up here in California. Your kachoris sound delicious :)

    17. Love ur version...gonna try this...first time here...following u.

    18. First time here....always thought of making this but din't....I think this time wud do it...